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The list of rigs on this page is constantly updated, and also added to. Please read the disclaimer below before buying or downloading from here. Your comments,  suggestions & questions regarding these rigs are welcome. Also, if you want to keep up with these updates, simply 'like' my Facebook page by going to www.facebook.com/AshwinsSuperPage. Reviews for these assets can be checked out at Highend3D.comTurbosquid.com and CGTrader.com.

DISCLAIMER: The material on this page is to be used for non-commercial purposes only. It is intended to be fan-art. The money obtained from the sale of the material is used by the author to learn more techniques of 3D character creation, and subsequently, to create more fan-art.

Captain America - $19.99

Black Panther - FREE


Batman - $19.99

Captain Atom - FREE

Cyclops - FREE

Deadpool - $19.99


Gambit - $19.99

Harley Quinn - $19.99


Flash - FREE


Pierre - FREE

Silver Surfer - FREE

Mr. Manhattan - FREE


Spider-Gwen - FREE

Spider-Man - $19.99

Supergirl - $19.99


Superman - $19.99

Thor - $19.99

Wolverine - $19.99