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3 minutes 20 seconds
'Flux' is a personal project. Intending to explore the experimental-musical genre in short film-making, the film discusses the ever fluctuating nature of our priorities as we sail through our lives. It exemplifies, in a nutshell, the pursuits that took precedence in my life at one point of the other, and juxtaposes them with each other in a rhythmic sequence.

1 minute 12 seconds

The video is an attempt to generalize a pattern in the cycle of a modern day life. Assuming that every chair in the film represents a certain stage of this cycle, the film is a shot at taking the audience through a sequence of events and experiences.

1 minute 50 seconds
The film looks at the instant but necessary normalization of painfully significant events by a slum dwell
er who resides in an unauthorized shanty located right next to the railway track. The narrative revolves around a bomb blast at the Jogeshwari railway station, which was part of a series of seven terror explosions that took place over a period of eleven minutes on the Mumbai suburban line. In spite of missing death just by a whisker, the slum dweller reflexively imbibes apathy in him to carry on with his hapless existence. This also reflects the nerve and sinew of the city which stands on its legs the very next day, after such a vile atrocity, and roll back into position like nothing happened. The irony is that once a calamity occurs, people get used to it, irrespective of the magnitude. Bomb blasts become as mundane as power cuts for the survivors.

38 seconds
Monifa (meaning 'lucky lady') is stranded in the drought-prone deserts of Africa waiting for a miracle to rescue her. While 'Kiko' the vulture makes frequent trips around her in anticipation of her demise, Monifa's hopes come alive when an American relief packet is dropped by her side. The story takes an anticlimactic turn from there on.

3 minutes 9 seconds
The film studies people from various backgrounds and their thought processes that work beyond the conventional, run-of-the-mill philosophies such as education, politics, population etc. An attempt was made to pull the subjects out of their comfort zones by presenting an atypical topic (such as ‘death’ in this case) in a different light. Questions were asked to direct conversations and a collage of notions was achieved.

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