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Date, time, venue & other details:

The catalog for Collab-Fair, Spring 2024 with a list of all the projects showcased can be accessed here.

Collab-Fair, Fall 2024 will be held on September 20, on the 3rd floor of the SCAD Main Building from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm EST. Table registration form will open on the first day of the Fall quarter (September 9). You can either reach out to your animation professors to get the link, or follow the #collab-fair channel on the SCAD-ATL Animation Discord Server. Reach out to Prof. Ashwin if you have any questions.

Checklist for hosts:

  1. An external hard-drive (or USB device) to bring files and connect to the PC.

  2. Well-designed color poster(s) of project that should contain the following information:

    • Project’s name.

    • Contact info.

    • Related artwork on the poster.

    • List of skill-sets that you are seeking.

  3. Tri-fold poster boards to be able to pin/stick posters on. Posters can also be taped to the edges of the tables.

  4. Tape or pins to stick the posters.

  5. Pamphlets to give away that contain the gist of the information on the poster.

  6. A sign-up sheet to take down the names of candidates applying to collaborate with you. You can download one here.

  7. A pen/pencil to write with.

  8. A water bottle.


Recommended activities:

  1. Strength training.

  2. Yoga.

  3. Pilates.

  4. Barre.

  5. Running/jogging.

  6. Walking.

  7. Cycling/spinning.

  8. Dance.

  9. Zumba.

  10. Martial arts.

  11. Recreational sports.

  12. Swimming.

  13. Meditation/mindfulness.

Beginner-friendly programs to consider:

  1. Ask for the 'BeeFit' program for beginners at ClubSCAD at the ATL facility.

  2. ClubSCAD at the ATL campus has a variety of specialty fitness classes to challenge beginners as well as veterans. Access the schedule for the classes here.

  3. The 12-3-30 workout consists of setting the treadmill to a 12% incline and walking at 3 miles per hour for 30 minutes.

  4. Kayliegh Cohen's YouTube channel for cycling/spinning is a great resource for beginner and intermediate level, 20-60 minute, impact-free cycling workouts.

Download the 'Validation Signature Page' here.


3D Tech. Art:

  1. Modeling base meshes in Maya:

  2. Retopology in Maya:

  3. Introduction to Substance Painter:

  4. Introduction to Marvelous Designer:

  5. ZBrush - getting started:

  6. Basic game character development pipeline:


This section of the page is constantly being updated. More links will be added soon.

Figure Drawing Resources

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